Perfume Discovery Set

We invite you to try all six fragrances in our debut collection. This collection was inspired by the horses that have taken me on personal journeys — connecting me to myself, others, nature and the world around me through unspoken and invisible languages. May it serve as a meaningful metaphor to you. 

  The Perfume Discovery Set includes samples of all six fragrances in a deluxe spray form. Including Rotano, Karat EG, Durban Jane, Macanudo, Canaan and Noisette.   Complimentary US Domestic Shipping. Discovery Sets are Final Sale.  
A modern
fragrance house:

Maison d'Etto draws inspiration from art, architecture, design and the modern equestrian lifestyle.

MAISON d’ETTO is a luxury brand of artisanal fragrances that inspire moments of connection, reflection, and wellbeing. — nurturing the human spirit one moment at a time. Gender-neutral creations developed to be noticed and designed for an undeniable and intentional connection, offering a new/modern take on luxury fragrance.

We focus on five core aspects of connection — the sacred pillars that help us to achieve a sense of balance and wholeness. These include connection to self, connection to others, connection to nature, connection to the world, and finally, connection to one's purpose. Drawing inspiration from art, architecture, and design, MAISON d’ETTO is our unique interpretation of the contemporary equestrian lifestyle. 

What does ETTO mean? The word ETTO is a combination of Ethics + Motto. ETTO represents the core truths and beliefs carried despite where you are in life or what you are going through. ETTO also stands for "Each To Their Own." We are a brand that refuses to dictate values and beliefs to the wearer but empowers them to explore what Etto uniquely means.

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